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The First Multi-Game ‘Play To Earn‘ DAO. Each Roo = 1 Vote


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HRBC: The Journey – Trailer

Our FIRST game of the PVPVE2E cluster, second cut trailer for HRBC: The Journey.

Each main character is unique and will be of your unique NFT.

Set in East Rooville, the worst place in the Metaverse.

Action – You suddenly portal onto a bench, from here, you’ll have to make your way to Humble Roo Beach Club, in order to complete this journey, you must cross dark streets filled with crime, petty thieves and mysteries, of course.

With multiple choice answers, twists and turns leading you back and forth with different outcomes

So tread carefully, young Humble Roo. (and watch out for the Switch-a-Roo.)

What is HRBC?

A Beach Club of course.

We know the Metaverse is tiring, exhausting actually. Hopping around for some 30 million years takes a toll on those legs.

We’ve come to terms that the days of hopping around attacking strangers are over, I mean come on, its 2021. 

We’re humble, we’re tired. You’re tired of not having a choice when it’s your turn for a boxing match. 

So, we’ve decided to stay humble and colonize the Solana blockchain off the coast of Rooville.

Only a small number of us made it through the portal, infact, only 3,333 out of 10,000 of us.

Fair Distribution

Each Humble Roo will be minted for all at 3 SOL



Each Humble Roo is procedurally generated and hold a possibility of 5-9 traits combined. Meaning, there will always be a minimum 5 traits on a Humble Roo.

Each Roo is selected and made from over 190 different creatively articulated accessories, of varying rarities.

That means.. some are rarer than others. In fact, some have less than 1% chance of being produced. 

Roadmap Activation(s)

Each Humble Roo doubles as your ticket into the exclusive beach club that hosts members-only events and more. 

We’ve set up some serious goals for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on completing the stated goal for Roadmap 1.0.

HUMBLE LAUNCH – Initiate our marketing & discord. Launch our collection of NFTs.

HOLDER MEMBERSHIP – Launch our official holder membership perks & alpha group. Giving holders exclusive access to top merch, events, and other goodies!

COMMUNITY DAO – The DAO will be drip funded to support our post mint marketing, collaborations, and future collections with 50% of total mint sales and 100% of royalties consistently being funneled to our treasury. Holders will 100% make decisions in our future plans.

BEACH CLUB UTILITY – Expand our projects utility beyond our first two games based what our holders decide such as, private land, collaborations etc.

See more in real-time throughout mint below.


We get some sleep.


We release the Not-so Humble roos! (Giveaway winners)


Member-Exclusive HRBC Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies.


The Beach Party BEGINS! All Rooholders receive a participation gift!


DAO Initiated. Voting system commences. Animal Rescue Charity Donation is sent from an amount that each member agrees on. 1 NFT = 1 Vote.


Game is released. Breeding Begins. $HROO is initiated for the next quarter, and we cook up more ways to roo with our roos through the voting system.

Q1 (Milestones Achieved To Date)

• Storyline revealed
• The first game's Trailer Release (HRBC: The Journey)
• Partnership with Exclusive brands for Members-only Merch
• Official Whitepaper Mechanics
• Official Rarity Chart
• Breeding System made publicly available
• Partnerships with Award-Winning artists

Q1 2022

• NFT mint
• Limited Members-Only merch is released
• 3D Figurine is revealed and made available for holders.
• DAO site initiated and submissions enabled.

Q2 2022

• Back To The Rooture event announced
• Trailer for HRBC: Boxeroo released
• Release of $HROO Governance Token
• Expected Launch of HRBC: The Journey
• Initial developments of infastructure from DAO voting and submissions. 

Q3 2022

• Expected Launch of HRBC: Boxeroo (VR and M&K version)
• Additional partnerships to be released including 3D utility, real-world events and more dependent on DAO submissions & votes.


Q4 2022
EOY 22-23

• Boxeroo Annual Cup
• Annual Roofest (Virtual event)
• Real-world meet-up & event announced.
• Initial Events from DAO voting and submissions. 

EOY 22-23

How Holders Earn from Humble Roos

Earning $HROO tokens (which has governance rights) through daily & weekly leaderboards

Breeding Humble Roos, the ability to list and sell them in the marketplace

Earning In-game & other Rewards (NFT items, Drops from artists, etc.) which can be traded on real world exchanges

Earning HumbleCoin (our in-game currency) that can be used for various purposes throughout our MULTIPLE co-op pvp/2E games inside the Beach Club.

Extra Information

No “printing” a new NFT based on a price formula that’s dependent on the quantity in circulation. All 3,333 Humble Roo’s come at a 3 SOL minting price.

NO gas fees. NO gas wars!

100% of royalties go back into development for future roadmaps.

DROPS Q2 2022

Humble Roo Beach Club is committed to our community and on-going expansion of the The Humble Roo Beach Club and beyond.

We support inclusion, diversity, and community oriented expansion based on your input. Please join our Discord today and become a Humble Roo!

and remember, #stayhumble

Join our Discord group for updates, events and to be a part of history.

Q2 2022.

The Crew (alpha-art)

Alfy - The Exhausted Yet Humble Roo

“Picking fights with strangers isn’t easy, when they grab your tail, you’re plucked” 

BobaNoSuga - The Commander in Chief of the B-Chain

“I like turtles, oh and Boba. I slam my fingers on buttons to pay for both.”

Honey - The Creative Roospert that makes ideas happen.

“Jack of all trades, master of none, sometimes I like to draw”

C&H09 - The Person In Charge Of This Beautiful Site You're Viewing.

“Power puff fanatic, animal lover, and chesspert.”

Felix B. - The Spokesperson

“I love to chat, and will probably talk your head off, so don’t be afraid to say hi!” 

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